Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hibernating for...SPRING!

You guys, it's going away!! Woah! It's actually going away! 

With the snow slowly beginning to melt off into a distant memory,

I must use my bundle clothing items wisely while I still have this winter time. 

They don't have much time to be shown off before being shipped off to summer school in the back of my closet. 

Today I dedicate my blog to my snuggly bundlers... you saucy, spicy items. 

I will miss you when I stuff you in a drawer for 6 months. 


Surely my Michael Kors fur booties will stand out like a sore thumb by the pool come June. 

(Booties: michael kors)


The over-sized knits will have to take a rest this summer. 
Much like a mountain mule in the Andes Mountains, they were over-worked and over-tired. 
(Oversized Scarf: my nanna's closet)


My signature "kitten hat" will have no place at the State Fair in August. 

(Kitten Hat: i can not remember...woops)


The spring time will allow me to rock my faux-fur vest for a few months, 
but the humidity of the summer will make this lil' guy stanky. 
Time to hang him up for the summer vay-cay!
(Faux Fur Vest: american eagle)


Plaid print shirts will always have a place in my wardrobe, no matter the time of year. 
But the warmth of a flannel situation can only be enjoyed during the coldest days of winter. 
(Flannel: Target)


So I say to you, Winter--

I shan't miss the snow. 
I shan't miss the ice. 
But the snuggles I wear--
are OH-SO-NICE! 


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