Sunday, February 13, 2011

So long, winter blues!

Let the fashion revue resume.....

The winter has gotten me down the last few days. 

As much as I would like to say it isn't the case, the negative degree weather keeps fabulous on the shelf. 

Instead of taking the fabulous kitten heels out for a stroll, my feet beg for the joys of a sensible plush slipper. 

But then a miracle happened....

35 degree weather!! Woah!! 

Let the fabulousity resume....

Saturday Night: 

Off to a Valentine's Day Benefit for my favorite theater company in town...

A theater benefit requires all sorts of fabulousity, right?

Why not slap on some Chanel lipstick and put on your favorite gold platforms?

(Dress&belt: Vintage; Shoes: Steve Madden; Necklace: thrifted)


Little feet. 
On his way to church, I assume. 

A skype date with the bestie was in order. 

A Sunday morning guitar seranade from Brooklyn, NY. 


Spring is on it's way, people....

Dance! Dance! Dance! 

(Boots: vintage; Tutu: Forever 21; White faux-leather jacket: Target; Suspenders: thrifted)

Our angel birdbath has spent all winter inside, but she's ready to fly on outside soon! 

Steps to rid yourself of the winter blues:
1. Lose the winter coat. They aren't cute, they make us look frumpy, they are useless in this 30 degree weather! 
2. Put on Gaga's "Born this Way"
3. Tutu's make me happy. Find yourself one. Put it on. 
4. Dance in it. 


No more winter blues....only spring pinks! :)


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