Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"Be Who You Are, and Be That Well" Tuesdays!

Today is Tuesday. 

A day full of meetings at Vis. 

Gosh, I love that place. No jokesies. 

Being a good Catholic School girl, I ensured today's outfit was business appropriate. 

....well, sorta. :)

Mary and Elizabeth head butting each other. Presh. 

My Shadow Self. 
Except for in this version, I like her. 

I could be found hanging by these stained glass windows for most of my childhood. 
They know all my secrets. Shhh! Don't tell, saints! 

Business Casual Madde wears booties and wacky hair. 


That baby isn't wearing any pants. Put some pants on that baby! 


"BE WHO YOU ARE, AND BE THAT WELL"-St. Frances DeSales. 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Yee-haw! It's Monday! Jump on top of the stress pony!

Today is Monday.

Highlights of my day included:

*Falling on a patch of ice and bruising my bumbum.

*Wearing suspenders. 

*Said suspenders popping off and hitting me in the eye.

*A mitten-free day. Do I smell spring? (No.)


Today's outfit is dedicated to this smiling pig. Thank god.


Farmer Madde reporting for duty! 
Oink! Oink! 
(Suspenders: Vintage (from my Daddy's closet)

The oxfords played a role in today's tumble on the ice. 
Truth: Oxfords are not a sensible snow shoe. 

(Oxfords: Nordstrom)


Ta-da! Ye-haw!  Ye-Fabulous!


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Are you there, Fabulous? It's me, Madde.

Today is Sunday. 

After a week on the road, I used this (the Lord's day) as an opportunity to amp up the style in my life. 

I always feel better about myself when I stop looking like a bum. 

Gone are the days of sweatpants and car slippers. 

Are you there, Fabulous? It's me, Madde. 


 Considering the temperature outside, it was wise that the frilly socks came out for a day. 
(Frilly Socks: American Apparel, Shoes: Urban Outfitters)


A white-piped blazer, oversized scarf, and skinny jean will always make you feel chic...
and nerdy..but mostly chic...and sorta nerdy too. 
Nerdy Chic, I suppose. 
(Blazer: Forever 21)


I would like to take this time to dedicate my hair bun to Victoria Jackson. 
J'adore you Vikki J. 

(Victoria Jackson on SNL)


 Finally, an artist's rendering of me using nothing but Sriracha, basil, and a slice of jalapeno. 
(Artist: Aaron Gabriel)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

How does Fabulous look in 0 degrees?

Today is Saturday.

We barely hit 0 degrees today--very charming, Mother Nature. 

Fresh from my trip to Kalamazoo, I am ready to take the Minne-Minne by storm once again. 

A busy day of class and funny-making calls for a sensible ensemble, with a touch of charm.


This is what 0 degrees looks like. Jealous? 


Although she spent most of the day snuggled underneath an oversized scarf, 
this necklace was begging to take a spin out in the world. 
(Necklace: Target)


Snowy conditions call for a kitten heel. 
(Shoe: Steven Madden, Socks: Target)


This cold is simply unacceptable. 
(Jacket: H&M, Jeans: Heartbreaker) 


...Slap on some mittens and warm thyself up! 
The cold shan't prevent you from being your most fabulous self!


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Suburban Sass

Today is Wednesday. 

A stay in suburban Michigan calls for a breath of city sass. 

Don't worry, I came prepared for this challenge. 


A sensible studded heel for the snow. 
(Booty: Heartbreaker)


Lounging by the fire...obviously. 
(Wrap Sweater: Forever 21, Cap: Vintage)


When wearing a skinny jean,
 one must ensure they get up and shake out their legs every once and a while--for circulash, obviously. 
(Skinny Jean: Heartbreaker)


Hey Michigan! This Twin Cities gal has come to town. 
Where the cocktails at?


....off to snuggle with the fam! 


I'm leaving on a Jet Plane?--nope, a car.

Today is Tuesday. 

Day One of the road trip to FunTown, USA--I'm sorry, I meant Kalamazoo, MI.

....here goes nothin'! 


Lots of time in the back seat, sunnies are necessary. Obvs. 
(Sunnies: Urban Outfitters)


They aren't kind in Tomah, you heard it here first!


A beautiful winter day through beau---umm...WISCONSIN. 


No one would take me to Humbird, but that mouse was really selling that cheese to me.
What a guy! 


I could be heard begging me Mum and me Grandmum to please, for the love of God, to leave me in Chicago. 
They declined.

....So here I am. Kalamazoo. 

Monday, January 17, 2011

On the road again...being fabulous.

Today is Monday. 

Tomorrow I leave for a road trip with the Mum and Grand Mum. 

Today required last-minute laundry and packing because why would I have done laundry 2 days ago? No, no, no--leave it til the night before, of course!


One of my Betsy Johnson weekender bags. 
Filled to the brim with reading material, almonds, and lip gloss!
--the only things you need for a road trip. 
(Weekender Bag: Betsy Johnson)

I ensured I had enough tantalizing reading material for the 10+ hr drive.

("Live from New York" &  Steve Martin's "Born Standing Up")

Just because it's a road trip doesn't mean that my accessories should stay at home. 
They'd get lonely! Sad-faced! :(
(Army Jacket: H&M, Bauble Necklace: Target, Gloves: Santa Claus)

ChaCha, my kitten, can't come on the trip, 
but she did help pick these MaryJanes and sweater combo. 

(Mary Janes: Urban Outfitters, Sweater: Free People, Cat: Fabulous)

Obviously my Pillow Pet is coming with me!
(Pillow Pet: Heaven!)

Just because you're in the car for hours doesn't mean you should wear flats. 
A sensible kitten heel for driving seems like perfection to me. 

(Nude Pump: Steve Madden)

All packed and ready to go! 

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Dim Sum Sunday

Today is Sunday. 

Today's Agenda: A Dinkytown Dim Sum date with my Mum and Sis. 

...too many dumplings make the furry vest tight. 


Vintage llama pin--won in a game of cards with my Nanna. 

Jerry Seinfeld gave the puffy sleeve a bad name, but I am here to declare that she is back. 

I've been told I'm much more bearable when I wear my glasses. 

Ta-da! A furry dumpling (not on the menu).


Glasses: Paul Smith
Skirt: Forever 21
Over-the-Knee Boot: Heartbreaker
Sweater: H&M
Faux Fur Vest: American Eagle
Broach: Vintage 

Saturday, January 15, 2011

You can never go wrong with "Sweater Vest Saturdays"

Today is Saturday. 

This Saturday is a chilly one, so I decided to wear leggings as pants--because I won't be brought down by no freakin' snow. 


There are two things in life that are certain:
Sweater Vests & Stripes

A vintage boot from my Mommy's closet never does me wrong...

Ta-Da! Ready for a casual Saturday afternoon of teaching joke-making. 


Sweater Vest: Target
Leggings: American Apparel 
Boots: vintage, from my Mother's closet (rumor has it they are from London, circa mid 60s)
Tee: thrifted
Boot Socks: Target

Late Night with Madddddddddddde!

....The elements for a casual Friday night in Minneapolis. 

Pants: Urban Outfitters
Sweatshirt: Authentic vintage "Letterman"
Booties: Heartbreaker
Cap: vintage
Puppy: Fabulous. 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The World is MY Runway!

A few months ago I was working my receptionist job when a woman walked up to me and said, "You're too clever to be a receptionist. What do you really want do with your life?" I smiled awkwardly and responded, "Well---ummm...I'm an actor by trade, I suppose".  "An ACTOR....", she said as her eyes darted from my head to my toes, "So--is this your costume?"

People have always had something to say about the clothes I put on myself. Perhaps it was my upbringing in a Catholic school-girl's uniform that gave me a kick in my adult arse to fashionably rebel and wear as many different prints and pleathers as I could. Whatever it was, today--the world is my runway everyday! 

Each and every morning, it all begins here...
My Closet. 

Many people have attempted to dive deep into this odd wardrobe, but none have succeeded, nor failed, quite as many times as I have. After all, it is my closet! So join me as we dive head first into the fake fur, endless polka dots, and shoes, shoes, shoes.