Monday, January 24, 2011

Yee-haw! It's Monday! Jump on top of the stress pony!

Today is Monday.

Highlights of my day included:

*Falling on a patch of ice and bruising my bumbum.

*Wearing suspenders. 

*Said suspenders popping off and hitting me in the eye.

*A mitten-free day. Do I smell spring? (No.)


Today's outfit is dedicated to this smiling pig. Thank god.


Farmer Madde reporting for duty! 
Oink! Oink! 
(Suspenders: Vintage (from my Daddy's closet)

The oxfords played a role in today's tumble on the ice. 
Truth: Oxfords are not a sensible snow shoe. 

(Oxfords: Nordstrom)


Ta-da! Ye-haw!  Ye-Fabulous!


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