Sunday, January 23, 2011

Are you there, Fabulous? It's me, Madde.

Today is Sunday. 

After a week on the road, I used this (the Lord's day) as an opportunity to amp up the style in my life. 

I always feel better about myself when I stop looking like a bum. 

Gone are the days of sweatpants and car slippers. 

Are you there, Fabulous? It's me, Madde. 


 Considering the temperature outside, it was wise that the frilly socks came out for a day. 
(Frilly Socks: American Apparel, Shoes: Urban Outfitters)


A white-piped blazer, oversized scarf, and skinny jean will always make you feel chic...
and nerdy..but mostly chic...and sorta nerdy too. 
Nerdy Chic, I suppose. 
(Blazer: Forever 21)


I would like to take this time to dedicate my hair bun to Victoria Jackson. 
J'adore you Vikki J. 

(Victoria Jackson on SNL)


 Finally, an artist's rendering of me using nothing but Sriracha, basil, and a slice of jalapeno. 
(Artist: Aaron Gabriel)


    I am glad that we share such exquisite taste*
    "i laaaaaahhhhve to siiiiiing!"

  2. You just wait for Lady Gaga lip gloss day, Laura Mahler! :)