Thursday, January 13, 2011

The World is MY Runway!

A few months ago I was working my receptionist job when a woman walked up to me and said, "You're too clever to be a receptionist. What do you really want do with your life?" I smiled awkwardly and responded, "Well---ummm...I'm an actor by trade, I suppose".  "An ACTOR....", she said as her eyes darted from my head to my toes, "So--is this your costume?"

People have always had something to say about the clothes I put on myself. Perhaps it was my upbringing in a Catholic school-girl's uniform that gave me a kick in my adult arse to fashionably rebel and wear as many different prints and pleathers as I could. Whatever it was, today--the world is my runway everyday! 

Each and every morning, it all begins here...
My Closet. 

Many people have attempted to dive deep into this odd wardrobe, but none have succeeded, nor failed, quite as many times as I have. After all, it is my closet! So join me as we dive head first into the fake fur, endless polka dots, and shoes, shoes, shoes. 



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