Saturday, January 22, 2011

How does Fabulous look in 0 degrees?

Today is Saturday.

We barely hit 0 degrees today--very charming, Mother Nature. 

Fresh from my trip to Kalamazoo, I am ready to take the Minne-Minne by storm once again. 

A busy day of class and funny-making calls for a sensible ensemble, with a touch of charm.


This is what 0 degrees looks like. Jealous? 


Although she spent most of the day snuggled underneath an oversized scarf, 
this necklace was begging to take a spin out in the world. 
(Necklace: Target)


Snowy conditions call for a kitten heel. 
(Shoe: Steven Madden, Socks: Target)


This cold is simply unacceptable. 
(Jacket: H&M, Jeans: Heartbreaker) 


...Slap on some mittens and warm thyself up! 
The cold shan't prevent you from being your most fabulous self!


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