Monday, January 17, 2011

On the road again...being fabulous.

Today is Monday. 

Tomorrow I leave for a road trip with the Mum and Grand Mum. 

Today required last-minute laundry and packing because why would I have done laundry 2 days ago? No, no, no--leave it til the night before, of course!


One of my Betsy Johnson weekender bags. 
Filled to the brim with reading material, almonds, and lip gloss!
--the only things you need for a road trip. 
(Weekender Bag: Betsy Johnson)

I ensured I had enough tantalizing reading material for the 10+ hr drive.

("Live from New York" &  Steve Martin's "Born Standing Up")

Just because it's a road trip doesn't mean that my accessories should stay at home. 
They'd get lonely! Sad-faced! :(
(Army Jacket: H&M, Bauble Necklace: Target, Gloves: Santa Claus)

ChaCha, my kitten, can't come on the trip, 
but she did help pick these MaryJanes and sweater combo. 

(Mary Janes: Urban Outfitters, Sweater: Free People, Cat: Fabulous)

Obviously my Pillow Pet is coming with me!
(Pillow Pet: Heaven!)

Just because you're in the car for hours doesn't mean you should wear flats. 
A sensible kitten heel for driving seems like perfection to me. 

(Nude Pump: Steve Madden)

All packed and ready to go! 

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  1. So seductive, I love it! Have a gorgeous trip, I shall miss you ever so.